Chapel of Saint Vinzenz

To commemorate the last resin workers in the black pine forests south of Vienna, a competition was launched by the Governement of Lower Austria. The winning project was designed by the architect Jutta Wörtl-Gössler (RfM Räume für Menschen_Architektur) with the sculpturer Luka Arafune, and the artist Hans Wörtl. The chapel was built from black pine wood with the help of the people of Hernstein.


By studying the surrpoundings and the process of tree gum extracting relevants elements were woven into the architecture. Design elements such as resin chip and harvesting ladder can be found in the outlines of the sculptural building. The narrow entrance refers to prehistoric graves in the neighborhood in it´s function of a rebirth gap. The beam nearby is the only vertical element within the construction topped with a small cross, symbol of christianity. The word “PIX” (lat. for resin), embedded in the floor covering, mutates into the word “PAX” (lat. for peace) through A-shape of the chapel: Peace to resin works


The entrance square near the adjecent street is plastered with the inlay of a white „P“ indicting parking. The floor of the triangular raw concrete base made by locals is covered with natural stone (slate) containing a white line, the „I“. The pine wood for the hyperbolic paraboloid (warped) construction was harvested and donated by the poeple of Hernstein. A local carpenter supervised the building process. The western side of the chapel is made of horizontal planks turning around an inclined plain in the east showing a huge face. The chapel opens to the black pine forrest. White plaster stones on the floor form the letter „X“.